Are You Working Too Hard?

IN Europe, Canada and the United States the answer is the same. People throughout the world are all stressed out. One source indicated that globalization, new technology and the pressures of the work force have caused millions to be labeled as overworked. The same source concluded “people are just plain stressed out because they are working too hard.”

When we analyze this data, the evidence shows that among European workers 6 out of every 10 suffer from stress. Among Canadians 2 out of every 3 find it difficult to balance family life and work. And among those employed in the United States 1 out of every 3 feel chronically over worked. In conclusion the study showed that over 600 million workers or 22% of the global work force spend more than 48 hours a week on the job. Information contained in that same study link long hours and irregular work hours with bad health.

Be that as it may, in the last five years, we have seen an increase in the hard economic times and therefore those working are now more concerned with having a regular job that will guarantee sufficient income to cover the basic needs. Remaining employed however is not easy when thousands are being laid off and unemployment is at its highest, little wonder those working have to put in so many hours and work so hard.

Working long hours without proper rest and or recreation can rob you of many joys in life and can also lead to serious health issues. Chronic over work can lead to several health problems which are linked to alcoholism, heart disease, anxiety, and bouts of serious depression. Needless to say, working too hard can also be deadly.

Lamenting on her situation, one woman in the United Kingdom said “Work gets most of my energy and the kids get what’s left.” Studies in the United States have shown that 1 in every 5 teenagers polled express concerns of not spending enough time with their parents. Another study pointed to the fact on average duel income couples talk to each other on average only 12 minutes a day. In addition many families struggle to cover they monthly expenses, family heads are holding down two jobs just to get by and in other families both spouses are out working leaving the children with relatives or in Day Care facilities. Could this be an indication that you are working too hard?

What Can Help You?

You may need to examine your priorities and make changes. Remember not to forsake the joys of family life by placing too much emphasis on work, strike a balance. Schedule time for regular family recreation and exercise; maintain a balance diet which includes fresh fruits and lots of water.

Take Care of the Basic Body Needs: Get adequate rest to allow your brain to send signals to carry out repairs to your body this is done when you are sleeping to many people spend time battling with the demands of modern life and do not get enough rest. Studies have shown that sleep is essential to good health which brings tremendous benefits to our long term memory and our moods. Do not think that sleeping is practicing death that was my view when I was young, you will pay the price as you get older. Seven or eight hours are good more if possible.

The experts recommend that you should have a consistent exercise program and include both cardio and weight training in you exercise routine. They also maintain that there is no substitute for exercise in any serious health program.  So if you are working hard putting in 40 to 48 hours a week the very best way to achieve longevity without jeopardizing your health is to have a proper nutrition and exercise program.

Take Control of Your Health

Weather they are rich or poor, many people today, as in the past, fails to see the link between their habits and they health. Some hold the view that good health happens to be by chance or it is something that they have no control over. Such a fatalistic view has held back many from improving their health and leading a more productive life. The reality of the situation is; there are some basic steps you can take to improve your own health and avoid necessarily shorting your life.

  • Eat Wisely: Try wherever possible to eat fresh foods. Do not eat too much at any one serving, savor your meals and do not rush. Studies have shown that there are more children who are overweight than those who are malnourish. So watch the amount you what you eat, eat mostly plants and drink plenty of water.
  • Take Care of The Basic Body Needs: Make it a must to get enough rest, to many people spend time battling with the demands of modern life and do not get enough rest. Studies have shown that sleep is essential to good health which brings tremendous benefits to our long term memory and our moods
  • Keep Your Self Moving: The Emory University School of Medicine a leading national biomedical education and research team, in one of its studies said “If exercise was a pill it would be the most widely prescribe medicine in the world” thus showing the importance of physical activity and exercise. The research further showed that there is very little we can do for our health that is better than exercise.

Taking control of your health is an important factor in your life; the earlier the better but it does not matter at what age you are at, start NOW by motivating yourself. Do so by arming yourself with basic health information, this will assist you with making the needed changes. Try the 31 day fat loss cure to start the process of taking control of your health.

How to Save Your Marriage?

SOME 50 percent of all marriages in the United States, according to some reports, end in divorce. Friends that is every other marriage and this is not the kind of news you want to hear if you are thinking about getting married or if married and the waters get a little choppy.  Let us take a look at How to save your marriage and why are marriages not lasting? Could it be that these marriages fail because the marriage arrangement is faulty? Or is it a case of human error, could it be that one or both parties are not following the (marriage) manual? Can some of these divorces be avoided?

Consider this illustration: Two couples invested in buying each a domain. One couple set up a blog site, wrote articles, provide back-links to they blog-site by visiting and commenting on a number of relevant sites and promote they affiliate marketing products.  The site became successful. The other couple procrastinated, then after some time set up a site not really relevant to they domain name, wrote just a few articles, hardly did any back linking and never responded to the few- and- far- between comments they receive on they site. Frustrated and fed up they abandon the site and it became a dismal failure.  Where would you say the fault lies with the second couple? Is it with the domain or with the owners? It would only be fair to lay the blame square on the owners who should be responsible for their inappropriate action.

So when you consider the many problems in marriages and why they fail, should you blame the institution of marriage? We read so much about what goes wrong in marriages, but what about those that thrive? There are millions of marriages that succeed because both partners were willing to put in the work to make it succeed just like the first domain buyer they hard work and repeated effort provided for a happy family, happy home,and a successful marriage.

Any successful marriage must start with a committed couple who is determined to succeed, and view they marriage as a permanent union. When problems arise they look for solutions not for excuses to abandon the marriage. Many marriage counselors agree that communication and a strong commitment is the backbone to a good marriage.

Teamwork is another essential ingredient in a successful marriage. In other words the husband sees his role as “ours” and the wife sees hers as “we”.  Experts have all said “two are better than one and where there is teamwork husband and wife are no longer single at heart. Good advise for the wise. Teamwork therefore means that in your marriage you become both like a pilot and co-pilot with the same flight plan. So with some effort and a little hard work saving your marriages can be achieved.

These are only my views, what are your views? Maybe you would like to share what your views are and what suggestions you would like to share? Where would you rate respect in a marriage? These are some of the things I would love you to comments on.