Quickies at work! The operative word here is exercise. Having an exercise quickie at work is an excellent way of reviving your body after sitting for long periods at the office. It will insure that you are getting enough exercise at least during your work period.  If you are not familiar with the word quickie, it’s a term given to an intimate romp which is design to get the maximum possible results at the shortest possible time – Quick.

An exercise quickie is short, 5 – 8 minutes at the most and that’s all you will need to stimulate your metabolism and increase your energy level. It also puts you in an excellent frame-of-mind for your regular physical exercise program or encourages you to get an exercise program going.  The Journal of the American Medical Association indicated that researchers have found “light to moderate activity, as well as vigorous activity, was associated with lower risk of experiencing coronary heart disease.” And just recently the Wellness Letter explained that “short bouts of exercise during the course of a day have an additive benefit.

The bottom line is that your body was designed by the creator not to be sedentary, but to move around and engage in some form of regular activity. All the indicators have shown that a sedentary life-style is very harmful to your health. To date scientist have not found any vitamins, medicine or surgical procedure that can replace the need to remain active. So let’s see how we can go-about having our little exercise quickie?

This exercise quickie can be done right in your office as a daily exercise or on any floor space or area that would allow you to stand and stretch out your hands. All you will need is 5 – 8 minutes and 2 light dumbbells or any 2 evenly weight objects to provide resistance. Paperweight, small soda containers fill with water or any 2 evenly weight book-volumes would suffice.

  • Sitting at your desk or standing behind your chair, hold dumbbells firmly and raise your    hands above your head repeatedly with the count and motion 1: 1000, 2: 1000, 3: 1000  ……: the way you count in seconds ……this will work your Biceps and shoulders. One set of 20 would be enough.
  • Stand upright with one hand on the desk with the dumbbell firmly griped in the other hand behind your back. From a flat footed position raise your body up on your toes and hold momentarily. 2 sets of 10. Change hands after first set. This will provide an excellent workout for your calves.
  • In a standing position lean over the desk with one hand on the top then with the dumbbell in the other make a slow pumping action for about 20 counts then change to the other hand and repeat. This will give the lower back a good workout and will remove any tension built up from stress.
  • With one hand on the desk stand on one leg raise the other leg so that your heel touches your lower buttocks the same count method. Endeavor to do about 20 counts on each leg.
  • Assume a position at the back of your chair facing the desk. Standing in one place start a tread-mill jogging action this should be a steady moderate pace this will undoubtedly give your cardiovascular system a good boost.

That’s it, 8 minutes and you have had an exercise quickie. A completed workout and you have not left your office. Clearly we have seen that with a little effort, creativity and some determination you can get in and stay in shape both at home and on the job.

Of-course the experts will say, and quite rightly so, that if you are a sedentary person or spend most of your time sitting, that even though exercise quickies are a great way to get much needed exercise they do not advice to rely only on quickies. Research has shown that a healthy body requires a balance diet, regular exercise program and adequate rest in order to lose weight, maintain a good healthy body mass and boost your fitness level.

That’s all for now folks. Don’t forget PLEASE take a look around the site and of course check out the products and services on offer. Cheers.