How Can I Overcome loneliness

A few weeks ago I wrote an article on one of my other blogs; entitled “Is Technology a Blessing or a Curse” the intention was to show that despite the many modern gadgets and use of the sophisticated technology in a modern world, the masses were not benefiting. The emphasis was mainly on the many different types of advance cell phones available today. To my amazement I receive several emails from persons, who lamented that despite the increase advance technology there were still to many lonely people in a world of mass connection.  One of my regular email followers ask for suggestions on how to cope with such loneliness? And that’s what this article will address.

First let me set the record straight by saying that I am in full agreement with all those who stated that there are to many lonely people, sad to say many are surrounded by close family members, some to close for any real comfort, if you know what I mean.

That is exactly the point I was making in the article Is Technology a Blessing or a curse When I said despite modern advances in technology we were leaving behind the most venerable and those less fortunate in our society. Recent research has shown that cell phone, text messages, emails, chat rooms and on line social networks have not worked to the advantage of all. The Washington Post in a recent article stated that text messaging generated 49.4 billion in revenue for cell phone companies worldwide and that was expected to climb to over 76.5 billion by 2010. You can only imagine what that figure is now.  Around the world there are 2.4 billion cell phone users and more than 1000 new customers are added every minute.

Some researchers have agreed that increase social networking has also increased social isolation and has caused a communication disconnect of many forms of human contact. The hectic pace of life today in our modern society has imposed heavy demands on our times, in many homes family members come and go without sharing a meal or a simple conversation with each other. Our young children are proud owners of the latest computers, ipod gadgets and video games they are locked away in they self contained rooms yet many of these youngsters admit they feel lonely.

Some marriages are describe by counselor  as parallel marriages, where partners find them selves moving in different directions and they lines seldom meet if they ever do. This no doubt is one of the most distressing forms of loneliness for a married couple. Loneliness has also become a social evil for our older folks who despite all this technology do not receive a single call from family member or friends. Not to be left out, many of our single people who long to have a meaningful relationship are faced with loneliness and their emotional needs remain unfulfilled. Ironically with all this advance technology and modern ways of communication many are still worried and are asking, how can I avoid being lonely?

What Are Some Solutions?

Like you, I want to find workable solutions, so let us not be naive, loneliness has no boundaries. If you suffer from loneliness you may want to ask yourself: is there something that I can do to improve matters? The answer is yes. You may very well need to make some changes in your daily routine. Take a good long look at your yourself and examine your outlook, sometimes one can inadvertently create a fence around one self which can discourage others from offering they friendship. Studies have shown that it may take as little as a smiling face to change your outlook.

Another solution is not to isolate your self researchers have all agreed that victims who are encourage to take the initiative to approach people and befriend them have seen positive results. And even though modern technology in some ways have failed, viewing TV, playing video games and surfing the net while it does not provide interaction it will provide some temporary escape from reality.

Finding genuine friends is not easy but it will be a positive step in overcoming loneliness.  So if you are serious about overcoming loneliness, you would want to develop a positive outlook, limit those isolated recreation such as viewing TV, playing video games and surfing the net, seek friends who share your values make sure your list of friends include people not your own age and by all means apply the golden rule “do unto others as you would want them do to you.”

These are my views on this subject what are your views? What suggestions do you have for relieving loneliness?