Getting In Shape With Daily Exercise

UNIVERSITY professor of medicine, Dr. Walter Bortz п said back in 1982, “There is no drug in current or prospective use that holds as much promise for sustained health as a lifetime program of physical exercise.” Today almost 30years after, those words are still widely accepted as sound and relevant. So ask yourself “Am I Getting in Shape with daily exercise?”

Have you concluded, like some have, that you do not need daily exercise because you are not overweight? It is true that persons who are overweight or obese stand to benefit more from a regular health exercise program. However persons who exercise to get in shape are very likely to improve they overall health and help prevent serious diseases including certain types of cancers, heart diseases, reduce anxiety and prevent depression. Research has shown that many persons who are suffering from such medical conditions including diabetes, emotional stress and mental stress are affected largely because of a lack of enough daily exercise. So whether you are overweight or not and especially if you live a sedentary life, you will do well to increase your level of physical activity. You need to be getting in shape.

Are You Getting Enough Daily Exercise?

How can you tell if you are really physically active and getting enough exercise? There are a number of various opinions on what constitutes the right amount of daily exercise. However experts have agreed on a general guideline that can apply to most people. For example some believe that you are not getting enough daily exercise if you do not exercise or engage in some form of physical activity for at lease 30 minutes 3 – 5 times a week. So if you are like some who are not getting enough exercise daily, you should start doing something about it today.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Resolve in your heart to get started as soon as today by setting realistic goals. Remember unrealistic goals will be hard to achieve and will only lead to discouragement and disappointment.
  •  Start small, with a 10 minutes daily exercise routine for beginners and work your way up to a 30 minutes exercise program per day. The University of California in its Newsletter on Nutrition, Fitness and Stress Management said this should be done by increasing the duration of your daily exercise by no more than 2 – 3 minutes.
  •  In your daily routine, do the normal things like walking and taking the stairs. Only do these more often, walk a little longer and or a little faster.

Getting In Shape For Better Health:

The journal of American Medical Association reported that researchers have found that “Light to moderate exercise as well as well as cardio exercises were associated with a lower risk of experiencing coronary heart disease.” So those persons who seems to never find time for getting in shape even improve they health can take advantage of the recommendations given by the UC Berkeley Wellness letter which advises that three 10 – minute periods of exertion can be almost as beneficial as one 30 minute session of cardio exercise. The point was also forcefully made that regularity is a MUST.

Beginners should focus more on regularity than on intensity. Research has shown that strength and endurance will take some time to build, therefore do not push yourself to the extreme, try to build a desire and love for your “getting in shape” daily exercise program first before trying to improve your strength and endurance. So before you get discourage or burn out keep your getting in shape daily exercise at a comfortable level.

Here are some daily exercises that can improve your getting in shape program:

  • When using public transportation get off 5 – 10 minutes short of your destination this could be use as a “walking for exercise” – (if you decide to do this be careful, and use caution)
  •  If you have a sedentary job, try to move around when ever possible, review documents as you walk around the office,  (if this practice is allowed) look for opportunities to work in a standing position and do so as often as you can.
  •  When having conversations with friends, or family members walk while you talk there is no need to sit as you converse with close friends.
  •  When using your own vehicle park 5 – 10 minutes walking distance from your destination, if you use a multilevel parking get in the habit of parking on a level that would allow you to climb the stairs.
  •  If you are serious about getting in shape you would also want to develop a love for climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator or maybe getting off the short of your intended destination and walking the remainder.

An active life is a better life, the bottom line is; there is no hassle–free exercise program. However the sacrifices and sometimes inconveniences which may involve maintaining an active life-style are really insignificant when compared with the life threatening dangers of an inactive life. So my dear friends, getting in shape will require that you stay active, break a sweat now-and-again, you will a healthier and longer life.