How To Cure Back Pain

RESEARCHERS in the United States confirm that Back Pain rank second to headache in the number of people it affects. How to cure back pain when it is the leading cause of long-term disability in people under 45 and it holds the third position in people over than 45? In the United States alone 24 billion dollars is spent yearly by people seeking relief. This figure is four times higher than what was spent on AIDS treatment in 1991.

Dr. Alf L. Nachemson a leading scientific researcher on back problems said that two billion patients world wide have suffered from low back pain in the past decade he concluded by saying that during our active lives only 20 percent could expect to be free from some sort of back pain. It stands to reason then that the other 80 percent will need some form of relief from back pain.

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What Causes Back Pain?

BOTH blue-collar and white-collar workers are prone to all types of injuries. Back pain does not discriminate. What causes back pain to have such a profound effect on mankind? Young and old, men and women, have fallen victim to some form of back pain. Some have from time to time found them selves in a cycle where physical pain induces anxiety and depression that leads to even more intense and persistence pain. These back pain problems, if left alone, can control you.

Pain in the back is caused by Herniated disk or slipped disk which it is sometimes called. Medical research has shown that once these disks have degenerated past a certain point, the slightest stress, something as trivial as sneezing or lifting a small object, can cause sudden back pain. Doctors in explaining why this happen said the first 24 vertebrae or bones of the spine, act as shock absorbers. These bones form a vertical tunnel through which the spinal cord runs. There is a small opening between each pair of vertebrae through which a number of nerves, called a nerve root, leaves the canal one set on each side. Doctors’ point out that a disk may slip or herniated and press against a particular nerve, this pressure interrupts the nerve signal which can cause a burning pain in the lower back or severe upper back pain.

Common treatments for back pain:

Back pain is part of life for millions of people living today, many of whom resigned themselves to never allow the “pain in the back” to totally interfere with they day-to-day activities. How do they do it? “Heal-n-SootheTM  Mother Nature’s Anti-Inflammatory” is an excellent and safe product. It is a natural and effective alternative to the many harsh prescription drugs on the market today and unlike NSAIDS’s there are no dangerous side effects. Many users of Heal-n-SootheTM have reported of the excellent results.

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