Relief From Stress! How?

The Encyclopedia Britannica – Online, describe the economic recession that hit the world recently as “The worst economic downturn in a generation.” Job losses have numbered into the tens of millions in the last few years and the Financial Times, speaking on the recovery effort since 2009, called it a ‘Great Disappointment.” Sadly many economists do not see a way out for several years to come while the medical fraternity records an unprecedented increase in patients suffering from stress related illnesses.

Stress Moore Than Ever: A Serious Health Threat.

Stress is nothing new to humans. Weather it is making your way through heavy traffic, a strained or maybe ruptured relationship at home, or a demanding boss lording it over you. Stress has been a part of our life from the time of memorial. The truth is, in itself, stress is not bad. Research has shown that stress gears us up to deal with many challenges. For example, in life threatening situations doctors say it is a sudden burst of stress that causes people to generate a surge of adrenaline that enables them to perform feats they would never have believe they were capable of. The problem arises, when stress becomes unrelenting and our bodies refused to relax. According to one well known researcher “Long term stress is the number one threat to our health and well-being” Is there anything you can do to relief stress?

The results of a study published by one notable researcher said “one sure way to protect against the effects of stress is to build up the body’s internal reserves, enabling it to cope better with the demands life brings, by enhancing resilience to stress”.  Happily, this can be done in several ways and the relief that helped many to cope is available to all. We will look at that in detail a little later. However when stress becomes an enemy the road can be long, lonely and painful. Dr Arien van der Merwe, Founder and Director of the Center for Health & Wellbeing, an expert on this subject explain what is involved. When the body is expose to excessive stress related ailments and illnesses it will be subject to heart attacks and or heart diseases, high blood pressure, muscle spasm in the neck, many forms of cancer, depression frequent types of colds and various infections.

How does this happen? when the body is constantly under pressure the muscles remains tense, the pulse rate and blood pressure remains high causing elevated level of fats, sugars, cholesterol and other chemicals which are intended for short burst in the system to linger for longer periods of time damaging important body organs. The effects of this prolonged stress on the body is the reason for headaches sometimes severe, neck and back pains, muscle spasms, ulcers and of-course heart diseases. It has long been known that stress affects our ability to fight infection. and according to some doctors it is normal for some patients who suffer from stress to have irritable bowel syndrome, and diarrhea. In total mentally, physically, emotionally and even spiritually stress is part of us and plays a major part in our lives hence, you need to know how to control stress and be in a position to respond in an effective way.

How Can You Cope With Stress?

First you need to accept that it is important to practice stress management in your lives daily, this is necessary because each day has its own anxious and ‘it is written’ “Sufficient for each day is its own badness.” However if you experience stress that is prolonged or is in any way severe enough to cause health problems, it is always advisable to consult a health-care professional for medical treatment. The intention of having as ‘A Gold’ the practicing of stress management daily is for two purposes. The first, and indeed critical one, is to ensure that you reduce the stressful triggers in your daily tasks that can be reduced and the second, and just as important, that you control the response to the stresses that are unavoidable.

Some healthy ways to reduce stress: After careful research and several interviews it has become clear that in order to:-

  • Reduce stress because of conditions on the job: It is best to talk with the employer, do not suffer in silence. If the employer does not know there is a problem he cannot help. The same goes for tension and other related conflicts. Communicate with the person or persons evolved. This does not mean that you should do this in a confrontations manner, be polite and businesslike.
  • Reducing stress on the account of financial pressures: This is where practical wisdom plays an important part. Learning to be content with less when facing financial difficulties is both practical and realistic. Take the time to turn off lights when not in use, plan your trips so as to reduce vehicle use and save gas.  New research shows that people who engage in activities like exercise, hobbies or socializing with friends and family are less likely to worrying about financial pressures. Some therapist believe that financial matters unsettle you when you are trying to sleep they recommend writing down your financial responsibilities before you go to bed.
  • Reducing stress from Job Loss: Accept the fact that you have lost your job and face that reality. It’s normal to feel hurt and or angry after loosing your job. You will make it through this period if you follow these four simple steps.

1) Dedicate time for yourself each day to prey and meditate.  It is said that relaxing the body can put you in the right frame of mind for getting through a stressful day with a positive mental attitude.

2) Share your time with people you trust this will give you an opportunity to get the much needed support. Amidst all the sadness remember to find time to laugh and have some fun; avoid the tendency to isolate yourself this will only make you feel worse.

3 ) Don’t be to critical or blame yourself over your job lost or unemployment situation, take some time to write about your feelings, write down every thing even though you may feel it is not important doing this will sooth any guilty feelings that may play on your mind.

4) Include you family in all your decision makings; discuss with them how you intend to spend your time and update them on any promising developments. If you let them know how they can support you while you’re unemployed together you will get through this tough time.

  • Reduce stress because of the lost of a love one: Accept reality, the lost of a love one will never return not in this system of things. Do not be afraid to cry openly and accept help from others.

Never feel that there’s nothing you can do to relief your stress level. When you really think about it you have a lot more control than you might think in managing your stress. It is all about taking charge, start to take charge of your thoughts, your emotions, your schedule, take your family into your confidence, and the way you deal with problems, always remember that good communication is one of the most essential tools for effective stress management.

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